Wisconsin Chamber Choir

 April 2, 2011
The Creation
Joseph Haydn
Masonic Temple
Madison, Wisconsin

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 May 20, 2011
She Is One of Us
Trinity Lutheran Church
Madison, Wisconsin

Click here for She Is One of Us You Tube Videos





 November 11, 2011
War & Peace
Trinity Lutheran Church
Madison, Wisconsin





Beat! Beat! Drums Howard Hanson:


He is There Charles Ives


Tom Sails Away Charles Ives
Sarah Leuwerke, Mezzo Soprano:


The Last Letter Home Lee Hoiby:


Wie Liegt die Stadt So wϋst Rudolf Mauersberger:


Let God Arise! Herbert Howells:

 March 23, 2012
Durufle’s Requiem
First Congregational Church
Madison, Wisconsin

Click here for Durufle’s Requiem You Tube Videos





 June 3, 2012
Bernstein & Friends
First United Methodist Church
Madison, Wisconsin


2012 World Premiere commissioned by the Wisconsin Chamber Choir:
The God of Glory Judith Shatin:


Almighty Father Leonard Bernstein:


Chichester Psalms Leonard Bernstein with Madison Children’s Choir

1. Psalm 8:


2. Psalm 23:


3. Psalm 131
Nathaniel Johnson, Boy soprano, Natalie Gosnell, Soprano, Natalie Hatch, Alto, Lucas Westby, Tenor, Mark Anderson, Baritone:


Boatman’s Dance Aaron Copland
Mark Anderson, Baritone:


The Dodger Aaron Copland
William Rosholt, Baritone:


Little Horses Aaron Copland:


Ching A Ring Chaw Aaron Copland:

 November 17, 2012
Inspired By Greatness
Grace Episcopal Church
Madison, Wisconsin





Kyrie (Missa Mi-mi) Johannes Ockeghem:


Gloria (Missa D’ung aultre amer) Josquin des Prez :


Ave Maria — Virgo Serena Josquin des Prez:


Nymphes des Bois (La déploration de la mort de Johannes Ockeghem) Josquin des Prez:


Cherubic Hymn, op 41/6 Peter Tchaikovsky:


Stars, op. 27/10 Sergei Taneyev:


Selections from All-Night Vigil, op. 37 Sergei Rachmaninoff:

1. Come, Let Us Worship
Grigori Manouilov, Tenor
Matt Love, Bass:


9. Blessed Art Thou, O Lord:


Die Nacht, op. 22/2 Heinrich von Herzogenberg
Mark Brampton-Smith, Piano :


O schöne Nacht, op 92/1 Johannes Brahms:


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