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Psalm 70:1 Lord make haste to save me

Soloist: Nahuel Recoba, Aaron Rapp, Katie Fortney, Kara Noah, Linda Palmer

Domine ad adjuvandum me festina.
Gloria Patri, et Filio,
Et Spiritui Sancto.
Sicut erat in principio,
Et nunc, et semper,
Et in saecula saeculorum.
O Lord, make haste to help me.
Glory be the the Father, and to the Son,
And to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning,
And now, and forever,
And world without end.

Soloist: Katie Fortney, Linda Palmer, Megan Wiemann

Blood in all the streets running like a flood,
There’s nowhere to hide, no where I can go.
I reach out my hand touching death itself,
just another holy day in Sarajevo.

I can hear my heart pounding like a clock,
Hiding from the planes and from the bombing.
Fire in the sky, burning down my life,
There is no more love and no more longing.

But when I close my eyes
I dream of peace,
I dream of flowers on the hill,
I dream I see my mother smiling.
When I close my eyes I dream of peace.

Once I had a home,
Once my life was good,
Once my mother sang to me and held me.
Then the fire came, falling from the sky,
There is no one left who can protect me.

War’s a wicked bird
That never comes to rest,
Feeding on the dreams of all the children.
War’s an evil bird flying in the dark
Every holy promise has been broken.


Can’t you stop the war?
Bring it to a close?
You are tall and strong and I am just a child.
Can’t we live in a peace,
Stop the flowing blood,
Make a blessed world where I can be a child?

When you close your eyes,
Do you dream of peace?
Do you dream of flowers on the hill?
Do you dream you see your mother smiling?
When you close your eyes do you dream of peace?
Open up your eyes and
Give us peace.

Dulce María Loynaz by Amaury Pérez

En mi jardín hay rosas:
Yo no te quiero dar
las rosas que mañana…
Mañana no tendrás.

En mi jardín hay pájaros
con cantos de cristal:
No te los doy, que tienen
alas para volar …

En mi jardín abejas
labran fino panal:
¡Dulzura de un minuto…
no te la quiero dar!

Para ti lo infinito
o nada; lo inmortal
o esta muda tristeza
que no comprenderás …

La tristeza sin nombre
de no tener que dar
a quien lleva en la frente
algo de eternidad …

Deja, deja el jardín…
No toques el rosal:
las cosas que se mueren
no se deben tocar.

In my garden, roses:
I don’t want to give you
roses that tomorrow …
that tomorrow you won’t have.

In my garden, birds
with crystal song:
I do not give them to you; they have
wings to fly.

In my garden, bees
craft a fine hive:
A minute’s sweetness …
I don’t want to give you that!

For you, the infinite
or nothing: what is immortal
or this mute sadness
you won’t understand…

The unnamable sadness
of not having something to give
to someone who carries on the forehead
a portion of eternity…

Leave, leave the garden…
Don’t touch the roses:
things that die
should not be touched.

From lessons by Y.M. Barnwell ©1993

For each child that’s born
a morning star rises
and sings to the universe
who we are.

We are our grandmothers’ prayers.
We are our grandfathers’ dreamings.
We are the breath of our ancestors.
We are the spirit of God.

We are
Mothers of courage
Fathers of time
Daughters of dust
Sons of great vision.
We are
Sisters of mercy
Brothers of love
Lovers of life and
the builders of nations.
We are
Seekers of truth
Keepers of faith
Makers of peace and
the wisdom of ages.

We are our grandmothers’ prayers.
We are our grandfathers’ dreamings.
We are the breath of our ancestors.
We are the spirit of God.

For each child that’s born
a morning star rises
and sings to the universe
who we are.


Traditional African-American Spiritual

Fare ye well,
In that mornin’,

I got a home up in the kingdom,
Fare ye well,
I’m gonna lay down this worl’,
Gonna shoulder up my cross.
Gonna take it home to my Jesus,
Fare ye well.

He’s gonna call us up to heaven,
Fare ye well,
I will hear my Savior callin’,
And I’ll hear the trumpet sound,
Then He’s gonna call us up to glory,
Fare ye well.

In that great gettin’ up mornin’,
Fare ye well,
Fare ye well.

Poem by Kazuyo Mizukami








Translation by Mari Toyama

The pregnant
Mother earth
Began her movements deep inside.

Hard ground’s surface
Is all too tired
And lies fast asleep . . .

Protected from the harsh coldness,
Continued to grow
The little lives

With overflowing power
From the dark
To the light
Growing upward.

The strong beat

The loosening atmosphere

The spring sprout will, by and by
All at once

Shaanxi folk song

哎呀趕牲靈的那人兒 過呀來 了

喲哦 走你得的那個路

Translated by Chen Yi

Riding on a mule,
With three lanterns shining,
A shepherd is coming near me

If you are my love,
Please wave me a greeting,
If you don’t know me,
Please go away.

Poem by Joseph von Eichendorff, translator unknown

Dost thou hear the trees that rustle
Through the soft and quiet air?
Wouldst thou forth, with joy to wander,
Now that night is still and fair?
Where the many streamlets round thee
Wondrous in the moonlight flow,
While the silent hills look downward
O’er the gleaming plain below.

Canst thou hear the songs entrancing,
Known when bygone days were bright?
Songs that wake once more to music,
In the lonely woods at night.
When the trees in slumber hearken,
And the lilac’s scent is full;
When the water fairies whisper,
Come to us, where waves are cool.

Poem by Emanuel Geibel, translated by William Bartholomew

When woods are glowing sunny bright,
And buds to bloom are springing;
O then I would my joy proclaim
By singing.

And what I feel of woe or weal,
While waking or in slumbers,
With gladsome heart I’d chant it forth
In numbers.

Woods understand my meaning well,
And first they mark the measure,
Then they come in at proper time,
With pleasure.

Then further goes the joyful sound,
O’er mountain, rock and heather,
Chimes in the tuneful nightingale

The heart then finds sweet sympathy,
It hears its echoes ringing,
It hears its joy resound afar,
While singing.

The joyful sound afar is borne,
When hearts are singing.
O joyful sound, When Nature all
Is singing.

Words by Abbie Betinis

Resilience, we are strong;
Shoulder to shoulder, keep movin’ on,
Resilience, make a new plan;
Stand up again and say yes we can.

Oh! Oh! We are strong;
Hold on!
I wanna make it and I know we will,
Yes, it’s hard to keep goin’ but it’s worse to stand still!

Text by Cicely Hamilton

Shout, shout, up with your song!
Cry with the wing, for the dawn is breaking;
March, march, sing you along,
Wide blows our banner, and hope is waking.
Song with its story,
dreams, with their glory,
Lo! they call, and glad is their word!
Loud and louder it swells,
Thunder of freedom,
the voice of the Lord.

Long, long, we in the past
cowered in dread from the light of heaven.
Strong, strong, stand we at last,
Fearless in faith and with sight new-given.
Strength with its beauty,
Life with its duty,
(Hear the voice, oh hear and obey!)
These, these beckon us on,
Open your eyes to the blaze of day.

Comrades, ye who have dared
First in the battle to strive and sorrow,
Scorned, spurned, nought have ye cared,
Raising your eyes to a wider morrow.
Ways that are weary, days that are dreary,
Toil and pain by faith ye have borne;
Hail, hail, victors ye stand,
Wearing the wreath that the brave have worn.

Life, strife, these two are one,
Nought can ye win but by faith and daring;
On, on that ye have done
But for the work of today preparing.
Firm in reliance, laugh a defiance,
(Laugh in hope, for sure is the end.)
March, march, many as one.
Shoulder to shoulder and friend to friend.

Psalm 67: 1-2

Exurgat Deus,
Et dissipentur inimici ejus;
Et fugiant qui oderunt eum a facie ejus.
Sicut deficit fumus, deficiant;
Sicut fluit cera a facie ignis,
Sic pereant peccatores a facie Dei.

Let God arise,
And let his enemies be scattered;
And let them flee who hate him.
As smoke vanishes, may they vanish;
As wax melts in the face of fire,
Let sinners perish before the face of God.

Psalm 57: 1-2

Miserere mei, Deus,
Miserere mei,
Quoniam in te confidit anima mea,
Et in umbra alarum tuarum sperabo
donec transeat iniquitas.

Have mercy on me, God,
Have mercy on me,
For my soul trusts in you,
And I will hope in the shadow of your wings
until iniquity has passed.

by Henry Heveningham, 1651-1700

If music be the food of love,
Sing on till I am fill’d with joy;
For then my list’ning soul you move
To pleasures that can never cloy.
Your eyes, your mien, your tongue declare
That you are music ev’rywhere.

Pleasures invade both eye and ear,
So fierce the transports are, they wound,
And all my senses feasted are,
Tho’ yet the treat is only sound,
Sure I must perish by your charms,
Unless you save me in your arms.

Soloist: Joana Huibregtse

When whom I love started to sway
Oh night . . . oh my eye!
The beauty of my lover attracted me.

Through a wink which captivated me
When he (she) swayed,
His (her) body looked like a bent branch

Oh my awful luck, oh my confusion!
Who will have mercy on my yearnings,
But the sovereign of beauty.

from the liturgy of St. Cecilia

Soloist: Caitlin Schmidt, Rachel Wood, Greg Schmidt, Mark Anderson, John Millholland

Special Guest Soloist: Sarah Brailey

Zum Fest der Heiligen Cäcilia

Beati immaculati in via
qui ambulant in lege Domini.

(Bass solo)
Audi et vide et inclina aurem tuam.
Veni, electa mea,
et ponam in te thronum meum.
Quia concupivi Rex speciem tuam.

Deus, qui nos annua beatae Caeciliae
Virginis et martyris tuae solemnitate
laetificas da utquam veneramur officio.
Etiam piae conversationis sequamur exemplo.

(Soprano solo)
Audio et video, inclino aurem meam.
Domine Deus, Rex coelestis,
quam admirabile est nomen tuum in universa terra.
Coeli enarrant gloriam Dei
et opera manuum ejus annuntiat firmamentum.

Gloria in excelsis,
et laudem dicam tibi Domine.

For the Feast of St. Cecilia

Blessed are those who are undefiled in their ways,
who walk in the law of the Lord.

(Bass solo)
Hear, see, and incline your ear,
Come, my chosen one,
and I shall place my throne in you.
For I have longed for your presence, my king.

O God, who gladdens us with the annual commemoration
of blessed Cecilia, your virgin and martyr,
grant that we may venerate her in this rite
and follow her example of pious actions.
Hear us.

(Soprano solo)
I hear and I see, I incline my ear.
Lord God, heavenly king,
how admirable is your name in all the earth.
The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the firmament proclaims the works of his hands.

Glory in the highest,
And I will give praise to thee, O Lord.

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